Summer of 1981. The sultry heat drove us crazy and by mutual agreement, my wife and I decided without hesitation to climb the mountain not so far from the city, in search of refreshment and breath in the woods.

We drove with difficulty with the car on a dirt road, dotted with holes and surrounded on both sides by acacias, chestnuts and firs. The coolness flooded us, the scents of the forest made us feel good. Roe deer and squirrels quickly crossed our path.

After about a kilometer, a large park of secular fir trees and a small stone house opened up in front of us. We were immersed in a surreal world. We looked into each other's eyes, we had achieved our goal. After various searches at the italian Catasto we eventually came to know the owner and without hesitation, we decided to buy this ruin of ancient construction.

Over the years, BUBBIANA has become an oasis in the deep of the nature.


Bubbiana is a place lost in the woods with an old sheperds’ house we have renovated to offer our guests maximum comfort, quiet and privacy.


The house can easily accommodate eight people in five bedrooms, is surrounded by a park, a vegetable garden, a garden with gazebo and swimming pool.

Bubbiana is also Outdoor Ecolab, in collaboration with Naturopath Vera.


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Bubbiana is located in the Pistoia province, a region called “Svizzera Pesciatina” area, the the Switzerland of Pescia.


You won't find it on GoogleMaps an let us remain vague.

Privacy and confidentiality are the strong point of our offer. Once you have booked your holiday, only then will we give you the coordinates to reach us.